Social entrepreneurship
for women in rural areas
City of Sombor (Grad Sombor)
Type of institution Local government
National tax number 100123258
Registry number 08337152
Trg cara Uroša 1 PO Box 6 25000 Sombor, Serbia Show on Google maps
City of Sombor takes part in the Project as Lead Beneficiary. The City's main role is ensuring all works are carried out within proposed timeline and in compliance with positive national and EU legislative. Together with B1, B2 and B3 City has organized and participated in meetings during project preparation phase, and also will continue mutual cooperation in further activities within project cycle. Promotional activities envisaged by the Project will be implemented by City PR department. Important part of City's jurisdiction covers welfare services and includes proactive policies of inclusion. City's operational capacities for Project's implementation are supported by former experiences closely related to this Project. Moreover, City has 153 employees and its administration operates through specialized organizational units - departments. Within this Project, crucial involvement lies on staff members of Department for Agriculture, Department for Social Welfare and Department for Economy - local economic development. In addition, Project team includes competent experts with the track record in project management. Stable financial situation is secured by City's status of publicly funded institution.
Know-How Centre (Centar za proizvodnju znanja)
Type of institution Non-governmental organisation
National tax number 107476298
Registry number 28077076
Bulevar Jovana Dučića 25 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Show on Google maps
CPZV (KNOW HOW Center) is non-governmental and non-profit association established in February 2012. In this Project, CPZV takes role of B1. Main goal of the Association is to contribute to the development of an inclusive society, through capacity building, Within this Project, B1 will be in charge of knowledge transfer through educational workshops, defining selection criteria for training participants and in preparatory activities for the establishment of the social enterprise. Through its work CPZV aims to boost social and economic development of the local communities and the region, and support the process of EU integration, strategic development process, attracting funds and advancing accountability and quality of work of the local and regional government and institutions. KHC work is organized in 3 programs: Program for Children and Family; Roma Program and Youth Program. There are 3 full time employees, 27 contracted associates and 30volunteers. Members have more than 12 years of working experience in project coordination; trainers and authors of accredited education programs on project and strategic management; human resources; extensive experience in working with socially disadvantaged groups as well as social entrepreneurship.
Center for Social Work Sombor (Centar za socijalni rad Sombor)
Type of institution Public non-profit company
National tax number 100016528
Registry number 8064431
Karadjordjeva 4 PO Box 4 25000 Sombor, Serbia Show on Google maps
Center for Social Work Sombor takes part in the project as Beneficiary 2. The Centre will develop a methodology for the selection of settlements based on the social map and women on the basis of social status, single mothers and women in families with two or more children. In addition to this, it will produce Terms of Reference for commissioning a study on possibilities for social entrepreneurship and social inclusion of vulnerable women from rural areas. Center for Social Work Sombor is a public institution, founded in 1960. Today it employs 42 staffers. Expert tasks are executed by social workers, lawyers, psychologists, pedagogues all with licenses to operate in social protection. The above-mentioned tasks are performed by 29 employees. The Centre maintains a database of children, youth, adults and elderly clients: cash benefits, one-time financial assistance, clients compensation for care and assistance, extended parental rights, persons under custody, clients placed in social welfare institutions and foster families, victims of family violence. All of the above are key competencies required for this project and the Centre is uniquely positioned to provide them.
Halasi Média és Kultúra Nonprofit Kft. (Halasi Média és Kultúra Nonprofit Kft.)
Type of institution Public non-profit company
National tax number 18350692-2-03
EU tax number HU18350692
Tax identification number 03-09-115853
Bethlen G. square 7.D 6400 Kiskunhalas, Hungary Show on Google maps
Halasi Media takes part in this project as Beneficiary 3. Using in-house staff and external experts will provide project participants with the necessary practical trainings on the process of farming lavender, from planting to processing into essential oil. They will also use their experience in creating media content to take part in communications, PR, and media activities on the project. Halasi Media has 24 employees. Halasi Media has in-house staff whose experience in providing trainings spans years. With reference to this project, Halasi Media has engaged an outside expert consultant aiming to provide the necessary knowledge on lavender farming and processing, on top of their in-house agricultural engineer. Given the rich experience and specialized knowledge referring procedures of lavender sowing and processing, Halasi media’s team has sufficient operational capacities for Project realization. The other major component of their work is creating media contents: newspapers, TV, radio, online. They run the city information website covering primarily social and cultural issues, with developed promotional portfolio, particularly important for project activities implementation.