Social entrepreneurship
for women in rural areas
City of Sombor - Host of the Opening Conference of the Project "Social Entrepreneurship for Women from Rural Areas"

On Friday, October 25, the opening conference of the project "Social Entrepreneurship for Women from Rural Areas" was held in Sombor, which is co-financed through the Interreg IPA Hungary-Serbia 2014-2020 cross-border cooperation program. The conference was attended by representatives of the project team of the city of Sombor, which is also the leading partner in the project, as well as representatives of all project partners on both sides of the border in the Interreg IPA Hungary-Serbia cross-border cooperation program.

The City of Sombor is implementing this project through a partnership with three other institutions: the Center for Social Work of the City of Sombor, the Center for the Production of Knowledge and Skills from Novi Sad and the cross-border partner "Halasi Media" from Kiskunhalas.

Antonio Ratković, as the official representative of the city of Sombor, addressed the present guests at the Opening Conference of this project. The city of Sombor has traditionally supported cross-border and transnational projects in Interreg IPA territorial cooperation programs for several years. It was pointed out that this project with planned project activities for the city of Sombor is of great importance from the aspect of strengthening socially vulnerable categories from rural areas. Empowerment is realized through a clear policy of support for women from the surrounding farms and settlements in the city of Sombor.

At the Opening Conference, information on the financial effects of this project, whose total budget exceeds the figure of 200,000 Euros, was also highlighted. In accordance with the European rules on sources of funding in the projects of the Interreg IPA Hungary-Serbia cross-border cooperation program for the period 2014-2020, the European Union, as a donor provides 85% of the allocated funds, while project partners provide the remaining 15%. The project team of the city of Sombor provided its participation of 15% in the project budget from the Secretariat for Finance of the Provincial Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, so that from the aspect of financial management of this project, no grants are allocated from the city budget.